Who we are

The successful course of Traders link since its' foundation in 1980, is based on our integrity, teamwork and commitment in giving creative and practical solutions with the best prices in the market.

The definition of success for Traders link is the achievement of our customers' goals.

Our experience spans a wide array of project types. We have never specialized in a particular market simply because our work has been driven by the needs of the community.

This flexibility has meant opportunities in various fields such as imports, exports, real estate and construstions.

Traders link builds a diverse range of project types, including new construction and renovation of commercial office, distribution and industrial, correctional, public assembly, health care, educational, institutional, mixed use, retail, hospitality, mass transportation, entertainment, excavations, residential such as houses, gardens, pools, and villas.

These projects have been built for both public and private clients using various delivery methods, (and many have incorporated significant green building features.)

Our extensive experience abroad allows us to surpass any obstacles with consistency and professionalism.

With offices in Athens and Corfu, Traders link is here to deliver the best value in building services and more, by placing expert professionals in every project undertaken and make your visions come to life.

Year 1981

Start doing general building in UK from a construction company. Acquired 80% shares in Tarmac Pic. Later acquired 100% Belgravia Property Development U.K. Ltd.



Build a village at Bovington Camp with a total of 38 houses valued at £3.500.000.00 British pounds.

Constrution of 12 private nursing homes in South U.K. contract value £12.000.500.000 British pounds

Success in London


Reconstructed recording studio in London for a contract sum of £4.500.000.00 British pounds. Also the BBC in Southampton all dry lining and mechanical

Also in the same year the Southampton BBC studio and Southampton university followed by the construction of a new village in Scotland's Fife.

Return to Greece

The company moved base to Athens, Greece. The company got several contracts with the Athens City

Council including:

  • Buildings
  • Mental hospitals
  • Eye hospital
  • Roads and squares
  • High rise buildings

Contract sum,00 €.

Company got new project at Sikinos Island, Greece to construct a village and port.

Between 1998 - 2003 when DEP was privatized and changed its changes its name to Hellenic Petroleum, and lists on the Athens and London stock exchanges. Hellenic Petroleum acquired a majority control of Global SA in Albania at the same time Hellenic Petroleum acquired BP Cyprus and merges with Petrola Hellas. In a joined effort with renown companies, Ks Traders Link had the opportunity to drill, construct, distribute and market the oil & gas products. With over 15 years of experience, Ks Traders Link have the capacity to offset their activities to other countries in need of our technical know-how in Oil refinery & Gas production.


Built new luxury villas for sale. Involved in construction of new tarmac roads.

2008 and moving on

Ks Traders Link has moved in oil investments now we have allocation available also we did road construction in Greece and the Balkans with future plans to expand in Africa.

New Markets, New Horizons

Our expansion into new markets underscores our desire to take with us our expertise, modern technology and corporate responsibility to work with our customers to meet their goals, but cognizant of the need to Improve the livelihoods of the communities where our operations take place. Beside, the jobs that we obviously must create for them, we leave behind expertise, support to local industries that supply us with raw materials and, where possible, to continue supplying us wherever we go.

The goals of our expansion into the African Market include:

  • Improvement in infrastructure.
  • Improvement in service delivery to guarantee value for money technology transfer.
  • Support to local industries through locally sounding raw materials.

The Great Lakes region in Africa is full of potential for growth and expansion. But the region is also lucky that its infrastructure development will be supported by modem technology and expertise unparalleled in human history. We are ready to move forward together.

Behind Ks Traders Link

The founder of the company Mr. Stelios Koskinas

  • Born 18-05-1958 on Corfu island of Greece
  • Started work in building sites at 14 years old as plumbing and heating engineer.
  • At 17years, joined merchant navy 1975 until 1979 as apprentice engineer and became third engineer 18 months later, after which he returned to Corfu.
  • Subsequently, served in the army until 1980.
  • Later, got married with 3 children.
  • Started plumbing, heating and gas installations and Ks Traders Link was born.